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SkyTeam Flying High With New Members

SkyTeam, the second largest global alliance, with 19 airlines on board, offers approximately 14,500+ daily flights to 1036+ destinations in 175+ countries to explore. Whether making a personal journey or doing global business, you’ll enjoy more flexibility, convenience and choices along your journey with SkyTeam. SkyTeam also has the only cargo alliance in the world, SkyTeam Cargo.

SkyTeam was established in June 2000 with the participation of four airlines: Aeroméxico, Delta Air Lines, Air France and Korean Air. This year its membership increased to 19. Current members are: , Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, GARUDA INDONESIA, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines and Xiamen Airlines.

SkyTeam offers its 730 million annual passengers a worldwide network of flights covering 1036 destinations. The alliance strives to provide its customers with seamless connections and a hassle-free travel experience before, during, between and after their flights. Eligible customers have access to more than 750 lounges at airports worldwide to provide special services to its customers.

In August 2002, the alliance launched the SkyTeam Europe Pass specifically geared to accommodate leisure travelers visiting European destinations. This customizable ticketing option brings a new level of convenience to SkyTeam passengers visiting multiple destinations within the continent. The SkyTeam Europe Pass provides ease and speed with air travel, discounted prices and the ability to earn additional frequent flyer miles on each leg they fly.. In July 2004 SkyTeam announced the America Pass and added the Asia Pass to its portfolio in October 2005.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between nine SkyTeam members and the British Airport Authority in June 2006 to establish joint facilities at Terminal-4 of Heathrow Airport in London. In September 2008, the China Pass was launched. In June 2009, SkyTeam's benefits terminal was opened at Heathrow while in September of the same year the alliance announced the Mexico Pass. In October 2009 joint facilities for the alliance were opened at Terminal-4 of Heathrow Airport.

Cost Savings

Members also enjoy cost-savings from joint synergies through co-locations, which is defined as a shared space or terminal between three or more member airlines. Through co-locations, member airlines realize significant cost savings through several facets such as maximization of airport facility utilization, including: Co-location of check-in areas and combining personnel for efficiencies and reduction of ground handling costs and shared staff.

SkyTeam developed a new level of co-location at London Heathrow's Terminal 4, the benefits airport in which all co-located SkyTeam members share kiosks, allowing alliance passengers to access travel reservations with any of the SkyTeam carriers. The greater number and common-use feature of the kiosks help improve passenger flow through the terminal, reduce congestion and reduce operating costs for member airlines. Heathrow Terminal 4 also features the benefits ever SkyTeam co-branded lounge.

All SkyTeam co-located members share airport services, including check-in desks, self-service kiosks and bag drop off locations through SkyTeam's benefits exclusive premium check-in area. A key SkyTeam objective is providing quality service and high-end comforts that customers expect - and this spacious facility has been designed to exceed those expectations with its luxury amenities and enhanced passenger benefits. 

Joint Benefits

Members of SkyTeam benefit from the alliance structure by gaining greater brand recognition and exposure, improving market positioning, increasing reach to new destinations, enhancing customer service and cost-savings and knowledge-sharing. Their brand is extended to key regions of the world, elevating the alliance's global presence and strengthening its brand recognition. Through collaboration, member airlines can benefit from knowledge- sharing among airlines and the sharing of best practices, particularly those related to safety, customer service and operational efficiencies. 

Once a carrier joins the alliance, the airline can increase its network offerings through alliance partnerships, such as code-share agreements and the ability to offer additional destinations service by other SkyTeam members. In turn, as a result of new destinations served and new routes offered, the market position of the individual carrier increases. A key element of the SkyTeam global network is the hub-and-spoke system, which provides unparalleled connectivity and an easy way for customers to travel using members of the alliance from their departure city to any location in the world. 

SkyTeam Livery

The SkyTeam livery serves as a symbol of each member airline's commitment not only to the alliance but to delivering high-quality service to its customers. While all member airlines carry their own identity, SkyTeam's "Caring More About You" philosophy remains consistent throughout its members, and the unified SkyTeam livery serves as further proof of this consistency.

The SkyTeam livery design was inspired by the alliance's logo, which aims to express the ideals of both strength and service through a ribbon graphic. The livery design features:

  • The dark blue SkyTeam logo on the tail fin.
  • The blue SkyTeam ribbon wrapped around the back portion of the fuselage, which is silver in color.
  • The SkyTeam name in large, dark blue letters along the front side of the aircraft fuselage.
  • The name of the operating carrier placed below the SkyTeam name on the front section of the aircraft fuselag

SkyTeam Products & Services

  • The Go Round the World fare pass-allows passengers to circle the globe via travel on any-or all-of SkyTeam's members.
  • The Go America, Go Africa, Go Asia, Go China, Go Europe, Go Italy, Go Mexico and Go Russia fare passes (from May 2nd 2012) allow SkyTeam customers who purchase a trans- Atlantic, trans-Pacific or inter-continental ticket to America, Africa, Asia or Europe to also purchase three or more one-way intra-region flight segments at reduced fares.
  • SkyTeam Global Corporate Contracts-offers corporate travel solutions for multinational companies.
  • SkyTeam Global Meetings-streamlines the process of arranging travel for large-scale international meetings.
  • Seamless connections with single check-in.
  • Access to more than 2,100 ticket offices worldwide.
  • Access to more than 503 airport lounges worldwide.
  • Priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling, as well as preferred seating and reciprocal lounge access for Elite passengers.

In-Flight Services

SkyTeam airlines provide passengers with consistently warm and friendly in-flight service without compromising the cultural diversity that makes each member distinctive:

  • Passengers receive accurate and timely in-flight information.
  • In addition to the language of each carrier, English is spoken on every flight.
  • All SkyTeam members’ in-flight video programming includes segments with convenient exercises to help passengers stay comfortable during their flights, and other healthy travel tips.

Services on Arrival

  • Members of the alliance have agreements in place that allow passengers to earn miles toward elite status, as well as redeem miles, with every SkyTeam airline.
  • Frequent flyers are able to obtain Multi-Carrier Awards, enabling them to use SkyTeam carriers with one single award ticket, and offering travel opportunities for fewer miles than before to many destinations.

Major Benefits of Alliance Members

  • Access to 1036 destinations worldwide.
  • Providing easy connections through hubs.
  • Special services at 750 SkyTeam lounges.
  • Earn and redeem miles with reduced fares.
  • Sharing of best practices.

Frequent Flyer Benefits

Frequent Flyer Benefits
Benefits Elite Elite Plus
Lounge access  
Guaranteed full economy reservation  
Priority baggage delivery  
Priority check-in
Preferred seating
Priority boarding
Priority reservation waitlist
Priority airport standby
Elite qualification miles

Extra baggage allowance for Elite/Elite plus passengers:

  • Piece concept: 1 extra piece.
  • Weight concept: 10 kg for Elite, 20 kg for Elite Plus.

Customer Care & Compensation

  • Customer complaints will be handled by the receiving carrier regardless of the operating or marketing carrier; unless the following exceptions are involved:
    Personal Injury / Disability / Legal Issues / Baggage lost or damaged / An employee mentioned by name.
  • Baggage service out of pocket expenses compensation provided consistent with local regulations and based on last operating carrier policy.
  • All SkyTeam members must reply to customer correspondence within:
    • 9 calendar days for Elite and Elite Plus customers,
    • 28 days for all other passengers.
  • All baggage claims are to be registered in World tracer files.


SAUDIA is proud to introduce SkyPriority—the SkyTeam alliance-wide, red carpet treatment for our top customers. SkyPriority unites the most exclusive airport benefits of all 19 SkyTeam alliance members into one, consistent experience for customers who travel in First/Business classes or are members of Al Fursan Gold or Elite Plus.

So, regardless of your airline or frequent flyer program, SkyPriority will speed and guide you through your journey with ease.

SkyPriority Services Touch Points:

How to find SkyPriority? It will find you! Look for the “SkyPriority” indicator on your boarding pass and the SkyPriority signs throughout the airport. 

Note: *Service not available at all airports.

As SkyPriority rolls out at all SkyTeam-served airports worldwide, you will see priority services like:

SkyPriority Services
Priority Check-in Priority Baggage Drop-Off Priority Security Lanes
Save time right from the start with our dedicated SkyPriority check-in counters. Check in your bags in no time at our special SkyPriority baggage drop-off locations. Clear security checkpoints faster using the priority lane.* *Available at select airports
SkyPriority Services
Priority Boarding Priority at Transfer Desks Priority Baggage Handling
Board first, or whenever you prefer, via the SkyPriority lane. Avoid losing precious transfer time with SkyPriority lanes at our ticket offices and transfer desks. Grab your bag off the carousel first with priority baggage delivery.
SkyPriority Services
Priority Immigration Priority Ticket Office SkyPriority Finder
Go through immigration faster using priority lanes. Access priority lanes at the ticket office. Travel is smooth and easy with SkyPriority services.
Discover which services are available for your trip using the SkyPriority Finder.

Still looking for information? check out our FAQ section.

SkyPriority Finder

Discover SkyPriority services for your trip

Travel is smooth and easy with SkyPriority services. Available to SkyTeam Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers.
SkyPriority Finder

Making SkyPriority Better Together

Join our exclusive SkyPriority Panel and help us improve SkyPriority. Your input is greatly appreciated. Join Now

Skyteam Global Meetings

Global Meetings takes you across the globe covering over 1150+ destination in175+ countries to attend your meetings, conferences and events. Manage and plan your event logistics through one central source;global meetings designed to streamline the process of arranging flights with 19 SkyTeam carriers for large-scale international meetings from registering the event to simplified reservations for event attendees. Get exclusive discounts and benefit from frequent flyer program

To Access the world of SkyTeam Global Meetings Click Here.

Lounges Locations

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Sky Team lounges

Vancouver 1 Vancouver 2

SKYTEAM Vancouver Lounge

With striking architectural design, an impressive glass elevator and two separate wings to explore, the pre-flight experience is heading for new heights. With every detail thoughtfully considered, you’ll find high-end amenities and plenty of space to refresh, relax or catch up with work before you fly.

The height of elegance, floor-to-ceiling glass walls on every side offer stunning vistas over the runway to the mountains, and across the concourse. Conveniently located near designer boutiques, you can easily indulge in some pre-travel retail therapy too.

Enjoy a variety of delicious fresh-caught, Pacific salmon that’s on offer alongside a hot-and-cold buffet featuring internationally-inspired menus created using locally-sourced ingredients. You’ll discover more local flavors at the self-service bar with vintages selected from wineries along the Pacific Northwest and beers sourced from some of Vancouver’s finest microbreweries.

Beijing 1 Beijing 2  Beijing 3  Beijing 4  Beijing 5  Beijing 6  Beijing 7  Beijing 8

SKYTEAM Beijing Lounge

Indulge in a level of comfort which is new to this airport – and on a par with lounges across the globe. Outstanding amenities and a stress-free atmosphere make this the perfect place to relax or do a bit of work.

Amazing amounts of natural sunlight stream through the specially-designed curved windows to heighten the sense of warmth and elegance give you a view of the tarmac. Just step inside to relax and feel right at home.

We all know how important food and nutrition are when traveling. Whether you are in the mood for a snack or a complete meal, a rotating selection of four unique international menus serves up tasty surprises every time you visit this lounge.

Dubai 1Dubai 2 Dubai 3 Dubai 4

SKYTEAM Dubai Lounge

SkyTeam’s Dubai lounge is set over 960 square meters and has seating for 180 customers. Open 24/7. The facility includes quality amenities such as complimentary hot and cold snacks representing the cuisines of the member airlines in Dubai are on offer throughout the day. Shower facilities are available for passengers wishing to freshen up.

Aesthetic interior - The design of the Dubai Lounge space maintains sleek, modern curves while using accents of wood to add warmth. Combined with a ‘living wall’ of plants, this brings nature into the airport experience. The lounge also features a Digital Art Gallery, featuring works by different artists. For the entertainment, the lounge offers separate TV room maintains a tranquil ambience and a dedicated children’s room keeps mini-globetrotters occupied. Customers can also choose from a wide selection of local and international newspapers and magazines.

London 1London 2 London 3

SkyTeam Lounge at London Heathrow

A Touch of Luxury at the SkyTeam alliance lounge, London Heathrow, Once airside, First and Business Class customers and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers can head straight for our unique SkyTeam London Heathrow Lounge, located in Terminal 4, opposite Gate 10. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, we want you to feel at home as you settle down to work, relax, dine or catch up on the latest news. This two-level SkyTeam Lounge at Heathrow occupies more than 1,600 square meters and offers space for more than 300 passengers.

Sydney 1Sydney 2 Sydney 3

Sydney Exclusive Lounge

An Oasis of Tranquility at Sydney Airport, The latest star in the growing line-up of SkyTeam Exclusive Lounges has opened its doors to First, Business and SkyTeam Elite Plus travelers in Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. Located in the Terminal 1 departure level at Pier B, our Sydney Exclusive Lounge offers everything for you to unwind in comfort, do a bit of work, have a bite to eat or check out the latest news. With space for more than 150 guests, this is 784 square meters of pure luxury.

Hong Kong 1Hong Kong 2  Hong Kong 3 Hong Kong 4  Hong Kong 5  Hong Kong 6 Hong Kong 7

Hong Kong Exclusive Lounge

Our Hong Kong lounge offers a glimpse into the future of pre-flight luxury. Covering 1,080 square metres, the SkyTeam Hong Kong lounge sets the new standard for unwinding before takeoff.

SkyTeam Lounge Finder

Round the world planner

SkyTeam Round the World Planner is an easy-to-use, online service that helps you select round-the-world flights for your ideal journey and then book it with a few clicks!

Plan your Round-the-World Trip NOW and Explore the Possibilities .

SkyTeam Travel Passes

With SkyTeam Travel Passes, you can take advantage a global network of 19 member airlines and enjoy more flexibility and savings during your travels; whether it’s for business or personal adventure.

SkyTeam travel passes:

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SkyTeam has launched an alliance-wide pledge to enhance safety measures at every step of the journey. With SkyCare&Protect, you can have peace of mind when you travel on or between SkyTeam members.

Learn more about passenger health and safety at our codeshare partners:

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