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UNESCO sites

UNESCO sites


 Mada’in Saleh

It’s the first world heritage site in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the largest archaeological site of the Nabataean civilization.
It contains more than 50 inscriptions from the pre-Nabataean civilization, and 111 archaeological tombs, 94 of which are decorated with inscriptions and ornaments.

Historic Jeddah

This culturally diverse neighborhood was built on the coast of the red sea, as a harbor for the trading trips that are sailing from the Indian ocean. It was also a shield for
the city protecting it from outside threats and attacks, and an entry for the pilgrims travelling by sea to Mecca.

At-Turaif District

Being the first capital of the Al Saud family, and dating back to the 15th century, makes it a living museum that documents the Najdi lifestyle in the 18th century and in the first Saudi state.


 Rock Art

The rock art documents a civilization that lived for 10 thousand years, in the rock region in Ha’il that is located between 2 great mountains.

Al-Ahsa Oasis

A green paradise that spreads across 20,000 hectares of land, that contains 2.5 million palm trees, in addition to gardens, water channels, wells, historic monuments, and archeological sites.

Bir Hima Rock

Located 130 km from the south of Najran, Bir Hima contains many archeological sites such as Sidah mountain, Hima mountain, Aan Jamal site, Shasa’a, and kawkab. This site is considered a historic treasure that contains inscriptions that date back around 7 thousand years.

Current events

    One of the best seasons of Saudi Arabia, more than 7,000 activities, 350 plays, and 75 concerts, in addi- tion to a wide selection of more than 200 of the best restaurants in the world. 

An annual festival that is held in the city of Al Ula, that combines international concerts, cultural shows, and various activities that suit the nature and geographical aspects of the city.    

    It’s simply the biggest musical event in the middle east! Middle beast is a music, art, and cultural festival that is held in the city of Riyadh, and lasts for a few days where international artists perform.

Famous local cuisine content



The most popular dish in the kingdom and the gulf is served on many different occasions and feasts, and is prepared by cooking the rice with the beef in a single pot. This is where its name is derived because “kabsa” means “press” and the rice and beef are pressed together. This dish can also be prepared with chicken, while others add fish or shrimp to the rice.


One of the traditional dishes of the south of the kingdom is made from a few simple ingredients, dough, honey, date, and ghee. It is usually eaten at breakfast.




“Saleeg” means “boiled” in Arabic, and because the rice and chicken or beef are boiled together, it was named “Saleeg”. This dish differs from other rice dishes by one important ingredient, which is the milk added to the rice when it’s being cooked.

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