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  • Are the excess baggage vouchers available through Saudia website?

    Yes, you can purchase them through SADAD service or credit card when creating a booking or through a credit card only after issuing the ticket. For more information, please visit Extra Baggage.

  • Is there any difference in prices for excess baggage vouchers if purchased through Saudia website or the airport?

    You are entitled for a discount if purchasing excess baggage vouchers through Saudia website, but you lose that privilege when purchasing them through the airport.

    Please visit Baggage Allowances page.

  • If I require additional baggage that is included in my ticket, what is the price?

    Please visit Baggage Allowances page.

  • What is the free baggage allowance on SAUDIA?

    For domestic and international flights, please visit Baggage Allowances page.

  • Is it possible to check-in my baggage online using SAUDIA website or application?

    Yes, you can easily get your bag tag via our website or mobile application. Please click here to watch a short informational video.

  • When can i check-in my baggage through the airport?

    Baggage is accepted 6 hours prior to departure for all domestic and international flights except for:
    flights departing from Saudi Arabia to the United States of America, check-in and baggage acceptance will start 4 hours hours prior to the scheduled departure time and will be closed 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

  • What is the deadline for accepting my baggage through the airport?

    Check-in counters and baggage acceptance will be closed 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time for all domestic and international flights.

  • Can i put my travel documents and important documents in my checked bags?

    Do not place valuables or important documents inside your checked baggage.
    For more guidance & tips before your travel, please click here.

  • What should i do upon arrival at the airport after i issued my baggage tag online?

    You should head to the baggage drop off counter to complete the process.

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