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Skysales, SAUDIA’ in-flight shopping service, is the proud recipient of many international awards for excellence, recognized globally for its superb customer service, the quality of its merchandise and their excellent value for money.

Offering up to 30% off retail prices, the Skysales collection is carefully selected to suit every age, pocket, taste and occasion. Besides the conventional 'in-flight product range' of world famous designer fragrances and gift items, Skysales is also proud to offer products that are 'travel retail' exclusive and not available in the local markets.

The collection of products in distinctive SAUDIA' corporate colors is especially popular - a collector's delight and ideal souvenirs for children and adults alike.

Skysales has been operated by SAUDIA catering since 1985.

This division has seen considerable growth, making giant strides, winning many international awards and maturing into a consistent and solid business.

The Skysales service is now extended to its customers through the mail order service and on-line shopping.

The strategy of Skysales has been to continuously improvise and innovate on the product mix and provide quality service to its onboard, on ground and on line customers at very competitive prices. The product mix is updated once every 4 months and replaced with new ones thereby keeping up to date with current market trends and popular appeal.


There are many special seasonal promotion campaigns organized for passengers and crew-members. There are also other ongoing promotions that benefit passengers and sales staff alike, including the monthly product promotion.

Each month, a product is selected from the total product range and both buyers and top sellers of this product are given free gifts. This promotion is heavily publicized through "Ahlan Wasahlan" In-flight magazine and Skysales catalogue.

Such targeted promotions are highly successful and sales of the product of the month generally increase by 100% to 150% during the promotion month.

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