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travel procedures
travel procedures

Traveling Documents

  • Make sure you have a valid ticket to your destination
  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel until the return date, but about Saudi Passport: to travel to an Arab country, the citizen’s passport must be valid for a minimum period of 3 months; and for travel to other countries, the validity period must exceed 6 months.
  • Make sure that your ( passport/ travel document / entry permit ) is in good condition , not affected by any kind of tearing , wetting , scratching , puncturing or rupture in some parts.
  • In the case where children are included in their parents' passports, please make sure that they are included in the traveling visa. And in the case of their travel without being accompanied by the primary passport holder, please make sure that the country traveling to will allow them in without the presence of the primary passport holder
  • Prior to your travel, and in some cases, you must obtain the necessary and required visa to the countries you are traveling to. Kindly make sure that you acquire the necessary visa and documents in a suitable time frame, for the acquiring period differs for each country and it may depend on the citizenship you hold.
  • Some countries require an entry and exit visa or a transit visa, therefore, you must review all traveling requirements associated with the country traveling to beforehand. Kindly double check the validity period (issue date and expiry date) of the visa. You may not use a previously acquired visa in some cases. Some visa legislations limit the number of entries permissible by a single visa.
  • For GCC citizens, The official travel document between GCC countries are passport or national ID Card (new edition/version) considering the regulations.
  • Make sure you bring your National Identity Card when traveling on local flights within the kingdom.
  • Web check-in and mobile check-in are now available for all domestic and selected international flights
  • Please ensure you have a confirmed booking and provided a correct mobile number. ( For more information about Hajj and Umrah visitors please click here)
  • Please ensure you issue your ticket within the given time limit to prevent cancellation of your booking
  • Using SADAD payment services makes your travel process easy
  • Please ensure that your passport and visas are valid
  • In case your travel plans change, please call sales center and cancel your reservation to give others a chance to travel and avoid additional expenses
  • Please ensure you select you and your family's seats well in advance of your travel date
  • Please follow baggage allowance policies
  • Please ensure you do not place valuables and important documents in your checked-in baggage
  • Travel restrictions should be checked through ABSHER platform prior to travel and click on "Generalization Report Query" which enables citizens and residents of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to review all information that may prevent their travel

Airport Check-In

  • Your early presence at the airport makes finding seats next to your family members an easier task. In all cases, Passengers on Domestic flights must be at the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure, and Passengers on International flights must be at the airport 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • In the case where a special service or assistance is required, for example: unaccompanied minors, passengers with disabilities, seniors, and families; you must coordinate with the SAUDIA Staff at the airport to complete the necessary procedures to enable us to provide you with these services.
  • Ask our staff about the special counters available for passengers with disabilities to complete the check-in procedures
  • Make sure your name and address is place securely on and inside your luggage
  • Make sure you remove all old stickers and tags from your luggage
  • For your safety, keep your baggage in your custody
  • Do not accept any baggage or parcels from any person you do not trust. By doing so, you may be placing your self and others in danger
  • Make sure that all your luggage is securely fasten.
  • The electronic gates of all flights will be locked at the following different times based on the airport:
    -King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah T1: Domestic 45 minute, International 50 minute.
    -King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh: Domestic 30 minute, International 30 minute.
    -Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Al Madinah Al-Munawarah: Domestic 30 minute, International 30 minute.
    -King Fahd International Airport: Domestic 30 minute, International 45 minute.
  • Departure gates on all routes will be closed 20 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • The minimum connection time for passengers holding UMRAH visas, new working visas or permits on international flights within kingdom connection flights is 3 hours.

Travel Arrangements


Advance Seat Selection

You can select your preferred seat in advance at the time of reservation on all domestic travels, And all international travels if your travel is in First or Business Class. Our Guest Class passengers can select their preferred seats on our travels to Europe, USA, Africa, the Middle East and Gulf Region.  

A family seating zone is available on all international flights except those operating to or from the Kingdom, Middle East and Asia.

Guidance For Visitors Arriving In United Kingdom

  1. You should fill in your Advance Passenger Information (API) carefully and in plenty of time before you fly.
  2. If you’re not a UK/EEA national (European Economic Area) you need to complete a landing card before you arrive at border control.
  3. Have your passport ready. Remove it from any cover, and remember to remove any glasses, sunglasses, hats or scarves you’re wearing.
  4. If you are travelling as a family, go to passport control together.
  5. If you are a UK/EEA national, 18 and over and have an electronic passport displaying this sign passport sign on the front, you can use the ePassport gates. EEA nationals should remember to use their passport if they wish to use the ePassport gates, not their ID card.
  6. To safeguard against child trafficking those travelling with children under 18 who are not the child’s parent or do not share the same surname may be asked about their relationship to that child.
  7. If you are a non-EEA visitor you should expect Border Force officers to ask simple questions about your stay in the UK when you arrive at passport control. You should keep any details of your visit, including where you are staying, in your hand luggage.
  8. Do not bring in any meat or dairy products from outside the European Union (EU). There are also restrictions on traditional medicines, food products such as fish, eggs, honey, some fruit, vegetables and plants. If you are unsure ask a Border Force officer.
  9. It is against the law to bring in animal products or endangered species such as ivory or coral.
  10. There are also restrictions on the quantities and value of tobacco, alcohol and gifts you can bring to the UK. If you exceed your duty-free allowance and do not declare them, all of your items could be taken away from you.
  11. Never bring in counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, offensive weapons or indecent and obscene material.
  12. You must declare cash, in any currency, worth €10,000 or more if you are travelling from a country outside the EU.
  13. Never give false or misleading information including forged or counterfeit documents.

For more information on UK border control visit www.GOV.UK/uk-border-control Once you have cleared the UK border, we hope you enjoy your time in the UK.

For details on what Britain has to offer go to

During Traveling Procedures

  • Present our counter staff with your passport, personal travel documents, and inform them with the number of carryon and check-in luggage
  • You will be asked the following questions about your luggage;

    • Did you personally pack your luggage?
    • Are you fully aware of the content of your luggage?
    • Did you leave your luggage unattended?
  • You will be asked if your luggage contains any hazardous material. You will be presented with the list of non-permissible hazardous material.
  • You may select your seat on the airplane depending on availability.
  • When traveling on First or Business Class, you will be presented with an invitation card to a special passenger lounges.
  • Luggage is accepted at the check in counters during the day of travel on the condition that a valid traveling ticket is presented.
  • When traveling with your family or in a group, you may take advantage of the cumulative luggage allowance. The total allowance is calculated with the total number of baggage or the total weight, even if the travelers were traveling in different classes.
  • If you have extra luggage that exceeds your baggage allowance, you will have to pay the additional charges.
  • Please note that your entire luggage must go through the X-Ray safety scanner.

After Traveling Procedures

  • Please note that you must complete filling in your exit card in order to present it to the passports authorities
  • To ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers, and to ensure the timely departure of our flights, special carryon luggage monitoring systems are implemented by special units. If your carryon luggage does not confirm with hand luggage specifications, you will be redirected to the check in counter.
  • Guests who have baggage to check are requested to report to baggage drop counter or any vacant counter two hours prior to schedule departure time to complete acceptance of their baggage.
  • You must proceed directly to the departure lounge once your check-in procedures are completed to ensure your timely boarding.
  • When boarding is announced, you must be present at your assigned boarding gate.
  • Our Saudi Arabian Airlines staff available at the boarding gates will check that the name printed on your traveling documents matches the name printed on your ticket and boarding pass.

Upon Arrival

  • Head directly to the luggage pickup area, and make sure your luggage ticket matches the tag on your luggage.
  • Make sure you have received all your luggage by matching the ticket number and not by identifying them by shape and color.
  • Keep your traveling ticket and your luggage ticket numbers until you have acquired all the baggage.
  • If you have a connecting flight, you must proceed to the connecting flight counter to finalize your traveling arrangements.
  • Please make sure you confirm your return flight reservations.
  • In case there was a delay in the arrival of your luggage, kindly follow up with the assigned luggage service staff member who will assist you with the necessary arrangements to insure your comfort and the speedy arrival of your luggage.
  • In case your luggage was lost or was mishandled, kindly proceed with the following:

    • Follow up with the luggage services staff members who are available at your arrival area immediately and before you leave the arrival area.
    • Provide the luggage services staff member with the necessary information such as; your full name, any other names marked on the luggage, permanent and temporary address, phone number, the correct color and shape of the baggage based on the luggage identification card available at the luggage services sections, and the luggage brand name (such as: Samsonite, Delsey, American tourist, etc.).
    • Make sure you obtain a tracking number, as well as the phone numbers of the luggage services divisions at the airport, and the necessary documents required for follow.
    • Our luggage service staff members will proceed with the necessary procedures to locate your lost luggage. That will include a live on ground search and the use of the World Tracer System.

SAUDIA is requesting from their guests to abide by a dress code where by they are clothed in a manner that is inline with public taste or not offensive to other passengers. 

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