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Medical Information Form

medical form
medical form

Medical Certificates (MDIF)

If there is a request for a medical service ( a stretcher or oxygen ) onboard the aircraft cabin, we hope that you follow the following:

  1. Fill out the medical report for Saudia in full (here) and fill in all the fields ( it is preferable to fill out the form on the PC ).
  2. Ensure the presence of doctor's and hospital's stamps and specify the validity of the medical report ( 10 days - 30 days - 90 days ) based on the signature of the treating doctor.
  3. Send the medical report to e-mail:
  4. In case of departure from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( domestic or international ), kindly send the medical reports three days before departure .
  5. In the case of coming from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, kindly send the medical reports seven days before departure.
  6. If a reservation is not available, we hope that you attach (ID or passport) for both patients and companions.
  7. If a stretcher or ( continuous) oxygen is requested, an ambulance must be provided at the arrival station.
  8. If devices accompany the patient, they must be operated with dry batteries as carry-on baggage on the plane.
  9. For more information on the portable oxygen concentrator permitted onboard the aircraft, please click (here).

These conditions includes:

  • Having a communicable disease or infection
  • Having a medical condition that gives reasonable doubt that you can complete the flight safely without extraordinary medical assistance during flight
  • The presence of the passenger may cause discomfort to other passengers due to his physical or behavioral status.
  • The presence of the passenger may cause delays to the flight schedule, including the possibility of changing the flight rout or emergency landing
  • The passenger can not rely on himself and requires full assistance during the flight.
  • The passenger needs special medical attention and/or special devices to maintain his health during the flight.

You may download the Standard Medical Information Form For Air Travel (MEDIF) by clicking here.

Note: Preventive measures to prevent transmission of Ebola: Directorate General of Lebanese Civil Aviation announced that all carriers are requested to fill the attached medical form for passengers travelling from Congo & Uganda to RHI Airport and to be delivered to Quarantine Service at the RHI. Please click here, to fill the attached medical form for passengers travelling from Congo & Uganda.

Renal Failure Patient's Passengers

SAUDIA gives extra baggage allowance for medicines and medical equipment free of charge in addition to the amount of free baggage allowance according to the degree of travel. The patient has to carry a medical certificate from the hospital stating that they are renal failure patients.

Medical Devices

Medical Oxygen Services

  • SAUDIA provides free medical oxygen on its flights only if the arrangements were requested in advance. It is not permissible for passengers with disabilities to carry their own oxygen devices on the plane.
  • In the case where the passenger needs medical oxygen before and after the flight, they must provide the required medical oxygen themselves.
  • The passenger must be accompanied by a person who is fully knowledgeable with the operations of the oxygen system to help them through the flight.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) Terms and Conditions

information model for the application of portable oxygen concentrator

Acceptance of Pregnant Passengers

It is the duty of pregnant passengers to advise " SAUDIA " of the progress of their pregnancy at the point of booking of seat and at the check-in counter. The carriage of pregnant passengers is subject to the following conditions:

  • Pregnant ladies are authorized to travel up to the 8th month without medical clearance.
  • Medical clearance will be required if:

a) Child birth is expected in less than 4 weeks.
b) Uncertainty exists over the progress of the pregnancy and the date of delivery.
There were previous multiple births childbirth complications are expected.
The medical certificate must be issued within 10 days of the flight date.

  • The lady will be refused carriage if the pregnancy is 35 weeks and above.

After week (32) of her pregnancy, the pregnant woman should provide a medical certificate (MEDIF) filled in by a competent doctor. The form is valid for a period of (10) days from the date of issue.

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